The Brisbane Speech and Hearing Clinic

Speech Pathology and Audiology

Speech Pathology and Audiology services for adults and children including auditory processing assessments.  The Brisbane Speech and Hearing Clinic is long established clinic with experienced and professional staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are appointments made?

Appointments can be made by contacting our clinic on 3252 2383.  

What happens if I can't attend my appointment?

If you are unable to make an appointment please contact our clinic to reschedule as soon as possible.  24 hours notice is appreciated but notification even on the day of the appointment is acceptable.  Patients who consistently fail to keep appointments without notification may be charged a non-attendance fee of $50.

How do I make payment for sessions?

Payment on the day of your visit is appreciated however a monthly account may be set up through our office by contacting our staff on 3252 2383.  Prompt payment would be appreciated in this instance.

How long does assessment take?

Assessments may take several sessions to complete.  Our staff are happy to discuss the results with you however some assessments require additional time to score and interpret.  Therefore this discussion may not be able to occur on the day of the assessment.

How long does it take receive an assessment report?

Following your initial consultation a report will be completed.  Please allow 2 – 3 weeks for this document to be sent to you.  Please note that it is clinic policy to only send the reports once the cost of the assessment session has been paid.

How long are therapy sessions?

Sessions are typically 30 minutes in duration and fees are advised prior to the initial consultation 

What age can my child have an Auditory Processing Assessment?

Our clinic generally sees children for an Auditory Processing Assessment from 7 years old however it is possible to test children from the age of 5 if their speech production is clear.

What age can my child have a hearing test?

Our Herston clinic is able to test hearing in children from the age of 3.  We are able to assess hearing from 7 months at our Kippa-Ring clinic.