The Brisbane Speech and Hearing Clinic

Speech Pathology and Audiology

Speech Pathology and Audiology services for adults and children including auditory processing assessments.  The Brisbane Speech and Hearing Clinic is long established clinic with experienced and professional staff.

Auditory Processing Assessment


The Auditory Processing assessment is booked for 2.5 hours.  It is important that your child is well on the day and that their ears are clear.

The assessment is carried out by an Audiologist and a Speech Pathologist.  This duel approach means that any follow up therapy targets can be specific.

A standard Auditory Processing assessment at our clinic involves

1. Case History

This is to allow us to talk to you about your child and of your concerns.  Please bring any referral letters or reports that may be relevant to your child.

2. Routine Hearing Test

Please bring the results of any previous hearing tests.  A brief hearing screening will be done on the day as part of the assessment.

3. Specialised Audiology Tests

These tests are designed to determine whether there is any auditory processing difficulties.  Your child will listen and respond to speech that has been modified to challenge their auditory system.

4. Auditory Memory Tests

These assessments assess a child's memory ability.

5. Phonological Awareness and Literacy Tests

These tests provide information on the listening ability needed to develop reading and spelling skills.  They will only be performed if they have not already been carried out by the Speech Pathologist in the last 18 months. 

After the assessment

After the assessment, we will aim to provide feedback to you about the test results.  We will also provide you with a written report but please allow 2 to 3 weeks for reports to be sent to you.   We are also happy to make another appointment for you to come back to the clinic to discuss the report with you further.